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Stop throwing chocolate the songs not even about chocolate it’s about weed

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Okay but Never Gonna Give You Up (better known as Rickroll) is actually a really really horrible song for many reasons, which I will better explain under the cut. 

Brace yourselves, this is pretty long.

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Responding to your fifty shades post: the series isn't all about sex. The first book is mainly how they learn to fall in love with each other and both change in new ways. Bdsm isn't really a foreign thing in the books. It's foreign to her because she's never explored that side of sex or sex at all because she's a virgin. It's also different because he doesn't just have a fetish for Bdsm he is a dominant. And he has a reason for being so. So the way he is a dominant is greatly portrayed


(2/2): Sorry I ran out of characters to use. And the main characters are white and straight because that’s how the author wrote them. It was supposedly a twilight fan fiction but she altered the characters. And it’s not considered porn because it’s a romance novel, an erotic romance novel, but still.

lmao i’ve read the first book they were all rhetorical questions thank you for doing this though i needed to get all my frustrations with this stupid ass book off my chest.

it’s all nice and well to pretend the book was about love, but the way it and the movie were marketed was obviously completely centered on the supposed “sexual deviancy” of Christian Grey. if you ask anyone off the street, no one would tell you it’s a love story.

it was most obviously marketed to housewives and young girls as ways of escaping their boring marriage and figuring out their budding sexuality, respectively. No matter how much you want to say different, the book was marketed by manipulating women into buying and enjoying it. not to say you can like it of your own free will, but you’re probably not enjoying it for its lengthy metaphors and heady symbolism.(here are a few links which try to explain why they find the book popular, but i can’t really find a common consensus other than sex) this is also not to say that this exploration of sexuality is a bad thing. it is beautiful and it is healthy and every woman deserves to branch out and experiment with whatever form of sex (or lack thereof) that makes them feel the most comfortable, safe, and helps them receive pleasure.

this is my main rub in the book: it is not about love and sex in any sort of way that could be construed as healthy or okay. people who are participants in the BDSM community (dominants included) have spoken up about why the “bdsm” in the book is not safe, and why it shouldn’t be written about and geared towards young women. anastasia is a virgin, and introverted, and suffers from a poor relationship with her father. christian preys on this in anastasia, finding her receptive to his advances because of these things. that, in case you couldn’t tell, is being a sexual predator. (and way to be a complete dick to people who do have issues with male figures in their life. you guys are vulnerable- ha ha ha!) more than anything, the relationship in the book is toeing (and usually stepping over) the line of abuse.  

that’s why i am so mad and sad and every other emotion in the rainbow about this book being so popular and becoming a movie. i’m afraid of what young women will internalize based on the relationships on this book, and i’m even more afraid of what young men will start to do because of what they’ve learned from a movie that can’t portray female sexuality in a way that is safe and progressive.

bdsm in its true form and exploring sexuality is good. the bdsm and sexuality in this book are bad. 

(the reason he’s a dominant, by the way, is because he was abused as a child. how dare you make a connection between those who have experienced abuse and those who find comfort in a dominant personality. it’s fucked up to automatically connect people with past abuse and people who now can’t function healthily in a relationship. and E.L. James is fucked up for making that connection even more mainstream. fuck her.)

TL;DR: don’t defend this fucking book. 

also “the main characters are white and straight because that’s how the author wrote them” has to be the most white and straight answer i could have ever heard thank you so much


that pose tho

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Happy 4 years! 

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Just for the record in case anyone forgot, stalking and harassment is illegal and if you engage in it and get called out on it, good. Celebrities don’t exist for your personal entertainment. They are actual people, who deserve the same respect as you or I. So next time you think about doing something stupid to meet your idol you claim to respect, don’t.